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A Celebration of Delaware History

Purnell Challenge Grant

The Delaware Heritage Commission will make matching grants available to groups to encourage permanent heritage projects. These projects have in the past consisted of historic markers, posters, videotapes, printed listings of archival holdings, and books. The Commission does not fund programs, parties, hotel accommodations, lunches or transportation since these items are not of a permanent nature. Funds for the printing of books are to be returned once the sales of the books allow, so that monies may be circulated to other organizations.

The concept of “heritage” has been expanded to include the backgrounds and stories of more recent immigrants and the histories of local industry such as maritime, transportation and the environment. Goals created by the Commission include the following:

  1. To encourage local institutions and organizations to maintain an ongoing interest in Delaware history/heritage;
  2. To encourage greater awareness of Delaware history/heritage among Delaware school children;
  3. To encourage scholarship and publications of Delaware history/heritage;
  4. To encourage continued outreach to all segments of the community;
  5. To encourage co-sponsorship of heritage objects.

Generally, the Purnell Challenge Grant Committee meets prior to the regular Commission meetings on the first Wednesday of the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November. The grant decision represents the view of the Commission at large. The Committee will not reconsider a proposal which has been rejected by the Commission.

Applicants must match awards with local funds. Please call with your questions. Our contact information is listed here.

Purnell Challenge Grant Application

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