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Heritage Commission

A Celebration of Delaware History

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James T. McKinstry Award

In the early 1970s the nation prepared for its bicentennial with the formation of the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission. James T. McKinstry of Wilmington was one of a small group chosen to develop Delaware’s contribution to the national celebration. From his tireless efforts the Delaware Heritage Commission evolved. He served as its second Chairman from 1977 to 1985. In […]

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Purnell Challenge Grant

The Delaware Heritage Commission will make matching grants available to groups to encourage permanent heritage projects. These projects have in the past consisted of historic markers, posters, videotapes, printed listings of archival holdings, and books. The Commission does not fund programs, parties, hotel accommodations, lunches or transportation since these items are not of a permanent nature. Funds for […]

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The Delaware Heritage Commission offers two different grants meant for individuals and groups studying the history and heritage of Delaware. Grant applications are accepted at any time. They are then considered by the Purnell Challenge Grant or McKinstry Award Committee. The Committee then makes a recommendation to the Commission at an Executive Committee or Regular Commission meeting. The […]

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About the Heritage Commission

Books, special events, grants, outreach, Delaware Book Fair and Authors Day, oral history, and much more. Call the Delaware Heritage Commission, our contact information is here, or enjoy the information on the web site. The Delaware Heritage Commission is an agency within the Delaware Department of State. Founded in, 1972 the Commission celebrated 30 years […]

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