Heritage Commission

A Celebration of Delaware History

About the Heritage Commission

Books, special events, grants, outreach, Delaware Book Fair and Authors Day, oral history, and much more. Call the Delaware Heritage Commission, our contact information is here, or enjoy the information on the web site.

The Delaware Heritage Commission is an agency within the Delaware Department of State. Founded in, 1972 the Commission celebrated 30 years in 2002. The Commission publishes books about Delaware history, provides grants to individuals and groups, hosts special events, promotes the collection of oral histories and offers outreach services to organizations and individuals. The Commission staff consists of an executive director, public information officer, and administrative specialist. The Commission Board is composed of 15 Delawareans representing each county. The board meets in an executive committee the first Wednesday of January, March, June and October. Regular Meetings of the full Commission board are held the first Wednesday of February, April, September and November. Commission members are selected by the Governor. The chairman of the Commission serves at the pleasure of the Governor with the executive director serving at the pleasure of the chairman.

We are a small state agency which means we are easily accessible by phone or e-mail. We take pride in our quick response to the citizens of the First State. Commission staff is available Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm.

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